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  • 200 Years of Australian Fashion

    Very proud to see my work in the National Gallery’s ‘200 Years of Australian Fashion’, especially as it was placed next to two of my all-time favorite pieces from the collection XX

  • Best Dressed 2015

    Hands down winner best dressed for 2015 spring racing was Jen Hawkins in custom Alex Perry and my broad brimmed lace boater all styled by the fabulous Marina Didovich xx

  • SCAF Exhibition

    Exhibition of my work at Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Saturday 15 November for Mono Daily, 3 – 5pm.  An exclusive selection from my Mono Daily collection will feature in SCAF’s Biblioteca until, 13 December 2014. @shermanSCAF

  • National Gallery of Victoria Acquire Hats by Ann

    So delighted that the National Gallery of Victoria have acquired a series of hats from my TOKYU collection X X X


    ladies and gentlemen…the ol Tokyu aka Tokyo hat collection is out and about town now – ready for spring/summer in Europe, America’s or Oz or whatever season takes your headwear fancy – and woah! there is even a brand spanking new online shop to click and browse through ann x

  • knock me down with a feather – take 2

    well blow me down again – master UK milliner Stephen Jones has selected me as one of 12 international milliners to go to the second round of Hat Designer of the Year.  thank you thank you thank you Mr Jones and thank you thank you to The Hat Magazine for hosting the award.


    coming to a store near you soon!

  • race day forecast = inclement with high winds…

    wow i’ve got the hat for you…

  • Art Gallery of New South Wales

    My hats in front of an 18th century Indian Jali screen at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.  A big thank you to Contempo, Michelle, Mecca Cosmetica and Grazia for your support of my talk about the evolution of my work from contemporary art to the world of hat making.

  • The Dance

    THE DANCE available you little jumping monkey’s!! Get off this page and go to COLLECTIONS then have coffee as its about that time 🙂 Photography Monty Coles, Stylist Virginia Dowzer, Hair & Make-up Justin Henry, Dancer Simone Berman, Clothes Fancy Pants Vintage, Headwear Ann Shoebridge Milliner